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Pirate 101

Pirate 101
  • Release Date: 2012
  • Publisher: KingsIsle Entertainment
  • Developer: KingsIsle Entertainment
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Official Site

Sail a ship through the skyway (yes, not the sea) on adventure, recruit companions to fight in strategic battles on board, and travel the Spiral to complete quests for treasure and thrill. If the life of pirates strikes a chord of romance in your heart, Pirate 101, a family-friendly MMO, gets your attention.

Pirate 101 Screenshot

Pirate 101, akin to Wizard 101 in title, is created by the same developer in the same universal when players as lawless pirates instead of magic school students to challenge the Clockwork Empire. Select one of five unique classes, get the first companion/crew, and design your own pirate flag for the upcoming ship – the journey of adventure is sailed off.

Pirates need to take quests, mostly good-intentioned, to recruit more companions who will drive on the narration of the story occasionally and help in battles as honest sidekick. With regards to combat, it styles the turn-based strategy board game rather than the card-collecting seen in Wizard 101. Train your crew to fill different roles in the battle, and take on opponents with tactics and strategy. Battles are fought both on ground and in the sky, with the latter being the major battle field. Consequently, ships are required. Players acquire their own ships by quests, too. And ships are upgradable.

Pirate 101_Screenshot

As sort-of a spiritual successor, Pirate 101 bears certain similarity to its predecessor, such as the cartoony artwork, stylish colorful world and the humorous atmosphere. Besides, in game mechanics, mini-games as alternative choice to exploration are maintained, yet altered of contents appropriate to the pirate theme.

Similar to Wizard 101, Pirate 101 is targeted on teenagers but attractive to players of all ages. Despite the pirate theme, a safe and wholesome gaming environment is set priority and achieved by special designs including the filter system, dissipated violence and parents’ supervision in selective features. Pre-teen as it is, the game embraces players of all ages seeking for fun. Sign-up for Beta? Now!

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