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Pet Rescue Saga

Pet Rescue Saga
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  • Publisher: king.com
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Pet Rescue Saga is a new free puzzle game developed by King.com which has published a series of block-busting games such as Bubble Witch Saga, Pyramid Solitaire Saga and Candy Crush Saga, etc.. Set in a fairytale-like town, the game creates a new lighthearted theme that sends you to play games setting free the adorable pets like doggies and birdies captured by evil animal snatchers.

Pet Rescue Saga

At each level, you need to achieve the specific goal which can be either saving a required number of pets or completing with required percentage of clearance of the board. To do that, you just need to click on groups of blocks (at least 2) of the same color, removing them to level down the trapped pets to the bottom. Once pets arrive at the bottom, they are saved. Built on the basic rules, the game enriches the gaming experience with a series of features such as ever-changing boards in shape and interior barrier, special designs like bombs and cages, and various boosters.


  • A special fairytale theme and colorful, cartoony graphics
  • Easy-to-learn basics tipped by simple explanation prior to matches
  • Objective-oriented games to alternate between saving pets and clearing the board
  • Multiple of play scenes with different shapes, barriers and features being unlocked over time
  • Interesting and helpful boosters to remove some troublesome blocks or save the scene being the last straw
  • A solo style of gameplay at the core, with leaderboard and free-gifting implemented
  • Pet Rescue Saga is launched on Facebook today.

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