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Diggy’s Adventure

Diggy’s Adventure
  • Release Date: July 2012
  • Publisher: Pixel Federation
  • Developer: Pixel Federation
  • Genre: Puzzle
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Diggy’s Adventure is new puzzle game that combines camp building with digging exploration. In it, you enter the role of Diggy who starts an unexpected adventure while your ship was wrecked out on the shore of Egypt. Build an underground camp and dig through various caves to help the cursed town. Rescue the innocent villagers and search for the gods’ stone piece.

Diggy’s Adventure Screenshots:

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Diggy’s Adventure Review:

Bad luck! Your ship is completed wrecked by storm and stranded on the Egyptian shore. Maps are gone, equipment sink to the bottom of the sea and robot Rusty disappears. Luxor, the destination you head to, is nowhere to be seen. Go inside of the damaged ship and find the map of Egypt – luckily, the town is not far from the shore. Hey, Diggy – yes, you – a new adventure of digging starts.

Diggy’s Adventure has combined the camp building with exploration in a wide array of caves together, which intertwine to drive the gameplay forward. You need to build an underground camp, in vertical structure, where you need to install various equipments, decorations and other facilities like caravans and camels to boost the exploration outside. Equip are of three main functions, namely, regeneration, capacity and produce, all related to Energy and most purchasable with Rubies (the hard currency). But to place equip or deco requires space, which can be gained by bombing the blocks with coins (or Rubies) and materials earned from exploration.

There is a loose plot to drive you forward in exploration. As you venture to simple caves rescuing your companions aboard and visit the priest on the town, you come to know that the town is cursed by Egyptian gods because of the disrespectful evil ruler there, which is also the reason of your previous wreckage. To quell the anger of the gods and help the villagers in town, you are thusly head off to various caves from prison to stone pits to smuggler’s den, in search of mystic fragmented stone plate of gods as well as innocent orphans there.

Each cave is a puzzle. You will enter a maze with branching paths blocked by stones, wood, iron doors and other designs. To reach the given objective, be it to rescue or find a piece, you need to break the wooden blocks, drill through the stone, move the rolling rock, turn the switch to open the iron bar or take any other necessary action to reach your desired spot. To break each block consumes Energy at different amounts, from minimum of 5 points to the max of 25, and reward with same amount of XP as well as coins and occasion materials. Since you only start with a full bar of 200 points (which can be expanded by equips in camp), you need to carefully plan your path in occasions when your have multiple roads to choose from.

Beyond the basic designs in the cave, you may also chance upon some trapped God’s Child or even stupid guards that trapped themselves in one tunnel. Rescue the God’s children, and they will return to your camp offering varied bonuses like x amount Energy from time to time. As to the trapped guards, they usually ask you to get them out of there, which is an extra mission to win coins and XP. Besides, at different places locate treasure boxes, which can be reached to open for lucky loots including coins, keys, materials and items, if without the stone piece. Practically, you have to search every treasure box for the stone piece, which usually pops up at last.

Each cave usually contains more than one level, so it requires large amounts of Energy to walk through. While you can smoothly dig to Lv. 4 with the refill of energy by level up or free food in the inventory, you will come to forced halt since then for lack of energy. To recover, you either wait for the auto-recharge, 3 points every 30 minutes, or buy energy pack or food (with Rubies) to quickly refill to certain amount. With per level up, you can get recharged with certain points but not to the full. Want to accelerate the regeneration or expand the energy bar? Return your camp and add more equips.

Like most Facebook games, it implements the usual Visit-Friend elements to help each other while getting certain rewards. Still in low levels, I’m not sure whether more social elements such as ask-materials or explore-together are stored somewhere in higher levels.

Diggy’s Adventure is simple yet immersive. The construction of the underground camp facilitates the digging adventure with energy support while consumes the coins and materials earned from exploration. In the maze-like underground, you just want to dig and dig, moving forward to reach your goal while collecting treasures halfway. Oh, energy! I wish I have more.


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