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Citizen Grim

Citizen Grim
  • Release Date: Sept. 2012
  • Publisher: Zynga
  • Developer: Eruptive Games
  • Genre: Action
  • Official Site


Citizen Grim is a zombie-themed action game on Facebook for casual gamers. In the dilapidate town of Grim, players need to fight waves of zombies, build structures for ammo and supplies, recruit mercenaries, fight bosses in various regions, and find the lost brother. Can you survive the creepy town that seems always in night and nightmare?

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A deserted town that is seemingly trapped in enduring night. An extremely lonely and quite place that can be suddenly crowded with horrible zombies. Welcome to Citizen Grim, an action adventure title that challenges you to survive as long as possible.

Citizen Grim

Citizen Grim starts the usual heroic way. Save a girl from a horde of reapers (zombies) and learn about the town from her mouth. You need to get your brother back from the Preacher from hell, but you have to survive the place first and fight to get your objective realized. Buy a gun, load the bullet, build an ammo shop, search empty buildings for supplies and prepare for next waves of attack. It’s just a start of a life of battle.

Reapers will attack wave after wave, jumping at your throat and gnawing down the shops you build on the empty spots. You can equip your self with weapons from spade to gun to grenade. Watch out for the stock of your ammo – when it is low in store, you can’t afford any waste to put yourself in risk of death. Defend yourself and defend your buildings – you need to harvest supplies, health packs, coins and other items to stay armed and fed. There are quests for you to complete and bosses to defeat to unlock next region, which offers certain objective for the gameplay.

The grim atmosphere and the large number of zombies easily make you get the feeling of isolation. You can hire friends as mercenaries, or spend coins/money to buy NPCs to fill the slot. It feels better to have someone around, but it doesn’t dispel the loneliness completely. Besides the invite-and-hire features, other social elements in the game are the leaderboard and weekly tournament that pits you against friends to be the last survivor. And the high rank on the leaderboard can make you stronger with multi-kill bonuses and kill streaks unlocked.

There is cash shop offering many premium items that give you advantages from speeding up construction, upgrading and all production activities to powerful weapons and mercenaries. It’s a quite clever move of promotion that it allows you to try some premium features freely in the starting level to bait you to finally purchase, such as picking up a gun from the ground and trying a free, temporary helper. But if you insist on freemium, you can still enjoy the game without much difficulty.

Citizen Grim is a horror action game for casual players. It can be enjoyable for minutes’ play, but short in rich contents to sustain the interests.

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